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"Joey was a pleasure to work with. He was so accommodating, so quick to respond when I had questions, always answered his phone, and good natured, willing, and cooperative. Everyone at the party thoroughly enjoyed his music, in fact, we couldn't get them off the dance floor when it was time for the party to be over! Highly recommend him!"

- Diane S. (Wedding Reception)

"Joey was great. We had a pool party for 50 people and I received many compliments about his choice of songs and performance. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for music at an event."

- Nels P. (Private Party)



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We are a fun band that will deliver a great vibe to your wedding! If you're looking for a young group of talented musicians that can cover a variety of sounds from reggae, rock, and top 40's, then we are the right group for you! Our prices below reflect an estimate on what we might charge for your event; however, in order to give an exact quote we must factor in travel costs, performance time, and any other special requests you may have. Check out some of the reviews on our home page to see what people have said about us!


During the reception, our full band will surely blow away your guests expectations. We are trained musicians with years of experience and love to bring our best to every opportunity. We can play chill tunes during dinner to provide a relaxed island-vibe. Then, we can crank it up to full energy once dinner is over and people are ready to hit the dance floor. With an extensive setlist, we cover everything from today's top hits to classic sing-alongs. We provide a top-of-the-line sound system that can accommodate for up to 1,000 guests. You can't go wrong with our energetic full piece.


During cocktail hour we offer our acoustic duo consisting of a singing guitarist and pianist. This skilled duo is able to cover a large spectrum of sounds, but mostly sticks to laid-back island and rock unless requested otherwise. This duo is perfect for easy listening while guests converse and start to get their drinks and appetizers. Please check out our videos to get a feel for how the duo sounds, or visit our public schedule at www.joeycalderaio.com.



For the ceremony we offer a variety of options between a singing guitarist, pianist, or acoustic duo. All three deliver a unique sound; therefore, it all comes down to personal preference. 

*These are estimated quotes to an idea of how much we charge.  Prices may vary for your event depending on multiple factors such as date, time, and location. Our packages include up to 4 hours of music during the reception. Each additional hour is $500.*



Includes band during reception

4-PIECE BAND: $2,500

5-PIECE BAND: $3,000

6-PIECE BAND: $3,500



Includes band during reception 

and acoustic duo during cocktail hour

4-PIECE BAND: $3,000

5-PIECE BAND: $3,500

6-PIECE BAND: $4,000


Includes band during reception,

acoustic duo during cocktail hour,

and acoustic duo during ceremony

4-PIECE BAND: $3,500

5-PIECE BAND: $4,000

6-PIECE BAND: $4,500

*Listen to our skilled pianist playing Canon in D here

Interested in a custom package? No problem! Reach out to us to explain your event and we will make it work! 


(3) Vocals, (2) Guitars, Keyboard, 

Drums, and Bass Synth



(4) Vocals, (2) Guitars, Keyboard, 

Drums, Bass Synth, and Saxophone


(4) Vocals, (2) Guitars, Keyboard, 

Drums, Saxophone, and Bass Guitar

*The bass guitar (rather than the bass synth as in the 4 or 5-piece) provides a better frequency for the overall mix, also freeing up another hand for our keyboardist to be able to cover more parts of songs*



  • State of the art sound system (we ask to be within 10 ft of an outlet and under cover to protect our equipment from harsh weather)

  • Liability Insurance up to $2,000,000

  • We can learn one song for your wedding for free. Any additional learned songs are $100 each

  • Non-stop playlist music during our breaks (we have our own playlists downloaded; however, if there are specific songs you'd like to hear please let us know beforehand and we'll make it happen!)

  • You choose the attire between tropical, formal, and business-casual

  • Band uplighting

  • Event MC